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Global Reach

Through our movement to end hunger, Rise Against Hunger connects passionate volunteers with people in need worldwide. Check out our impact results, made possible by a global movement of individuals working together toward a common goal. Explore the map below to see where we've distributed aid, and read stories of volunteers and of those lifted by their efforts.

0 Pasti confezionati questa settimana
537,338,062 Pasti totali confezionati
78 Paesi serviti
4.595.184 Pasti spediti nel 2019 da RAH Italia
18.482 Volontari coinvolti nel 2019 da RAH Italia

Volunteers are one of the essential resources Rise Against Hunger needs to help realize the vision of a world without hunger. Each year, thousands of volunteers join Rise Against Hunger not only to package meals, but to support warehouse operations and assist with administrative duties. Have you volunteered with Rise Against Hunger? We want to hear from you! Share your story below and you could be featured on our map.

The inspiring stories of those impacted by Rise Against Hunger meals and other aid are what drive us to continue to build our movement to end hunger. To read more stories like these from around the globe, visit the Rise Against Hunger blog.